Launceston Place

We had read about up and coming chef Tristan Welch, and we decided to try his restaurant, Launceston Place in a lovely quiet neighborhood in Kensington, London.  This was possibly the best meal of our trip.  We chose the tasting menu.  Here it is: 

First course: 

Rainbow trout, Isle of Wight tomatoes, pickled cucumber, basil – served in this lovely, tiny mason jar!  Elegant, clean tasting, delicious!


  Second Course: English asparagus, snail, sunflower seeds, herb dressing. Really wonderful flavor.  


Third Course: West coast scallop roasted with aromatic herbs from the coast line.  Cooked right in the shell it grew in.  Just great!

 Fourth Course:  Celery sorbet, walnuts and apples.  Surprisingly intense celery flavor, yet it worked as a palate cleanser.


Fifth Course: Denham Castle lamb, Charlotte potatoes, wild garlic.  We thought the flavor was just perfect. 


Sixth Course (Dessert): Rice pudding souffle, raspberry ripple ice cream.  Who would expect rice pudding could be made into souffle?  Creative, light, wonderful.

After dinner, we were presented with hand-made candies, which we took back to our hotel.

We met the chef, Tristan Welch, who was really nice!  The Maitre D helped us get a reservation for Marcus Wareing, two nights later – see that post for details.


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