Auguste – Paris

We had read that Auguste was into sustainable food, healthy high quality ingredients, etc., so we reserved dinner there for Susan’s birthday.  We yet again chose a tasting menu.  You might think we’d had enough white Burgundy by this time, but… we ordered Les Baudin 2007 Chassagne Montrachet.  The menu price was close to what you might pay retail if you could get this in the US.  Now the food:

First Course:Croustillant de Langoustine, served with a pea mousse.  Delicious!

Second Course: Mushroom ravioli with foie gras, served with a calimari shrimp consomme, bok choy.  The flavor was sublime.

Third Course: Black cod with beetroot, baby chard, Japanese Yuzu lemon sabayon.  Fish was incredible, and flavors all complemented one another.

Fourth Course: Pigeon with cherries and white swiss chard.  Served very rare, but not gamy or raw tasting.  Cherries were perfectly tart/sweet and made hearty with pigeon stock.

Fifth Course: Laguiole cheese from the plateau of Aubrac in the Aveyron region of France, served with a jelly made from tea and flowers.  This was perfect, and we could have had another helping, and stopped right here.

Sixth Course: Dessert was chocolate souffle with ice cream.  The chocolate was from Santo Domingo, and absolutely intense.  For Susan’s birthday, they also brought a Tapioca with raspberries and cookie.  My bonus – Susan doesn’t love tapioca!

We walked back to Invalides Metro stop just in time to see 11 pm light show at the Eiffel Tower! Perfect!


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