Brasserie Wepler – Paris

Having loved Place du Tertre in Montmartre by night, we went back to see it in daylight, strolling among the sidewalk artists.  We took the cute little tram from the hilltop next to Sacre Coeur down the hill to Place Pigalle, and walked down Blvd Clichy to Brasserie Wepler, a historic 120 year old institution, and another great recommendation from Elyssa!

We had the menu du jour, which started with Buccatini with eggplant and tomato; then Joue Boeuf, a slow cooked beef stew that was sublime.  We finished with the house specialty dessert, “Strawberry Discovery” Palette, which has strawberries 3 ways: Wild Strawberry Sorbet, Périgord Strawberry Mousseline and Mintand Strawberry Soup.  Expected it to be ordinary, and it was suprisingly great.  We had just a bit of wine, a Cotes du Rhone, served in a cute little ceramic carafe.


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