De Kas – Amsterdam

DE KAS (The Garden) is a gorgeous greenhouse restaurant at the edge of a beautiful park, way on the eastern outskirts of Amsterdam.  We’d read about it, and when the concierge recommended it, that was an easy decision.  They specialize in local and sustainable food, and grow many of the things they serve, both right on site, and nearby at a mini-farm.  This was our last meal in Europe this trip.  So, of course, we went with the TASTING MENU, with the wine pairing.  On the table are a lovely crusty bread with fresh basil dipping sauce, minimally cured olives (from Italy), and pickled turnips.  All were delicious.

First Course:  3 first courses are served together:  Scallop with shrimp and barley, with cucumber yoghurt.  Canneloni stuffed with eggplant, garnished with zucchini blossom and purple and green basil.  White and Green asparagus with chanterelle mushrooms, butter sauce, flowers and fresh fennel fronds.  All exceedingly fresh tasting and simply prepared.  Herbs have a delicacy and tenderness that comes with being just picked that day.  Served with Gobelsburger Kamtal, a Reisling from Austria.

Main Course: Wolfish from the North Sea, with beets, veggies, pesto, fresh flowers, braised cabbage.  Served with tiny pickled cucumbers, cold potatoes on greens.  This was all fantastic!

Served with Dumaine du Bicheron Macon Peronne, yet another white Burgundy.  Boy, were we glad we tasted this.  Huge fruit, complex, silky and buttery.  I haven’t found it in the US yet, but I will keep looking.

Cheese: We decide we want the optional cheese course.  This is a camembert, an aged cheddar and a blue made from sheep, goat and cow’s milk.  Served with apple syrup.  Very good cheeses.

Dessert: Strawberry romanoff with panna cotta, sorbet, and biscuit.  Deceptively simple looking.  Very complex and delicious.  Chef made a non-dairy version for Susan, with Champagne zabaglione.  The dessert wine is Marotti Campi Xyris, a sparkling Lacrima, which is just sublime.

De Kas was the simplest, freshest tasting gourmet meal of our trip, and the perfect closing meal for this vacation of exotic eating!


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