Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

A friend of mine posted something about Lemon Ricotta pancakes a few months ago, and that sounded really good. Then I saw them on the menu at AR Valentien in La Jolla, so last weekend, I decided to try to make these.  Rather than fully from scratch, I decided to start with my favorite pancake mix, and then extend it.  These came out really good.  If you want to start from scratch I would use:  2 cups flour, and add ½ tsp more baking powder and soda, 1 more tbsp sugar, and one more egg.

1 cup Arrowhead Mills Buttermilk Pancake mix

1 cup All purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

2 tbsp sugar

2 whole eggs, separated

2 egg whites

Zest and juice of one lemon

¼ cup melted better

½ cup milk (low fat is fine)

1 cup ricotta cheese

For cooking:

1 tbsp veg oil

1 tbsp butter

Mix all dry ingredients.  In separate bowl, mix egg yolks, lemon zest and juice, ¼ cup milk, melted butter, then add in ricotta cheese.  Mix wet ingredients quickly with dry ingredients.  Don’t over mix.  Whip the 4 egg whites until just stiff, and fold into the batter. If the batter looks thicker than pancake batter should, add the rest of the milk, carefully, to not deflate the lightness.  Melt the butter and oil to adequately coat a large fry pan or non-stick griddle, and pour off half into a ramekin.  Cook pancakes in batches.  Dot with small pats of butter, then ladle on thickened slightly warm berry compote.

Berry compote topping (make this just before you mix the pancakes):

3 cups assorted berries (I used ½ blueberry and ½ strawberry)

1 tbsp orange zest

2 tbsp fresh orange juice

1/3 cup sugar (more if you really want it sweeter)

2 tbsp honey

Dash of vanilla extract

Put all ingredients in saucepan and heat at medium to boil.  Simmer about 5-6 minutes until fruit softens and liquid reduces.  Stir to prevent sticking and burning.  Remove from heat, and let cool slightly in the pot.


2 Comments on “Lemon Ricotta Pancakes”

  1. VIcki says:

    Mark McBagel! Thanks for sharing this scrumptious sounding recipe. Gotta try to make some – maybe this weekend.

  2. Just made this now and it turned out excellently. Very good, and very filling. Thanks for sharing.

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