Bradley Ogden Las Vegas

 We went to Bradley Ogden last week in Las Vegas (at Caesar’s Palace).  On the whole, very good, but not spectacular.   I should know better than to expect Rose’s lime juice at a high end place, but I ordered a Kamikaze that was so tart (from freshly squeezed lime juice) that I had to ask for simple syrup to be added for a little sweetness.

We started with Twice Baked Maytag Blue Cheese Souffle, which looked more like mini cheese muffins, but was tasty, and Celery Soup.

Entrees included Pork loin with Potato Rosti and braised cabbage – incredibly flavorful Duroc pork, but a tad tough, and a butter soft and buttery flavored New York Strip that was fabulous.

We anticipated a peanut butter and jelly bread pudding, but it wasn’t on the menu that night, so we settled for French Toast bread pudding with semifreddo, fried dates and citrus.  The minute I saw the citrus, I thought, wrong!  It will overpower the bread pudding, and it did.  The date fritters were to die for – wish I had a whole plate of them.  Complimentary butterscotch pudding topped it off.


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