Decadent Valentine’s Dinner at Andrei’s

We just enjoyed the most wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner at Andrei’s in Irvine.  Susan had a “Love Letter” (Chambord, Champagne and Dancing Cranberries), and in the spirit of pink drinks, I asked for a Tru Organic Vodka with a little cran and a little Pom, and lime wedges.  Might have to find a name for this drink; it was good!

The winter mushroom soup sounded good, so we both had that, and it was great.  Very rich and woody and rich.  We had more appetizers, the Duck Confit Flatbread for Susan (because she never gets it and I have it all the time – wait – that doesn’t sound right).  I had California smoked salmon with blini and dill crème fraiche – delish!

We shared the special entrée of Surf & Turf – 2 perfectly cooked very jumbo shrimp dusted with pistachios, and a rich flavorful filet mignon, served with fingerling potatoes, asparagus, mushroom fricassee and zinfandel beef reduction.  Susan enjoyed a glass of Argentinean Malbec with this.

We searched the depths of our souls, I mean stomachs, and found room for the special Valentine’s dessert, Chocolate a Deux, with warm Toblerone and Guittard Chocolate, served with fresh fruit, bourbon pecan cookies, brownies, rice crispy bites, dried apricots.  Just look at that picture!  No, we didn’t finish it – we took some home for another day. 

Lovely service, live music: one of the best Valentine’s dinners we’ve ever had.


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