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Enjoyed lunch today at AnQi at South Coast Plaza (directly opposite Charlie Palmer, next to Bloomingdales).  AnQi is part of the “House of An” which includes Crustacean in Beverly Hills.  The décor is elegant and hip, and the place doubles as a nightclub and does fashion shows.  Oddly, we found the interesting molded chairs at the first table to be not so wonderful, but after we moved to a couch / soft chair set-up, it was delightful.

The cocktail list is very creative, and the menu is varied with lots of good appetizers to share, salads, noodle dishes, and large plate entrees.  Service was good, and in fact, we observed they almost seemed overstaffed.  I will definitely go back and explore more. 

What we enjoyed:


PINK LOTUS – Hand-pressed pink grapefruit & orange with vodka & tequila over pink cotton candy – Fancy, but not that exciting a taste

SHAN-GRIA:  White wine, Grey Goose Citron, Cointreau, Peach Schnapps, Navan (vanilla cognac), and Licor 43 (43 ingredient Spanish liqueur) – This is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had


SURF & TURF ROLL  –  wagyu beef, spicy tuna, asparagus, chili aioli (Like beef & tuna flavored butter, with depth of flavor in the aioli, and even in the truffle flavored, lightly dressed micro greens)

CHICKEN DUMPLING – scallion, cabbage, ginger (very good –sauce a bit sweet)

HOISIN GLAZED SALMON SALAD – mandarin oriental cabbage ‘slaw’, mango tiato vinaigrette  (very good)

AN’S FAMOUS GARLIC NOODLES™ with Beef (also available with Chicken or Shrimp)  – delicious, and not overpowering

DE-CONSTRUCTED CARROT CAKE  – golden curry crème anglaise, carrot jellies, candied pecans, cream cheese ice cream -this was interesting – in that it only worked as a mouthful – the deconstructed aspect was not working.

All in all, very interesting.  Felt decadent, yet was simple, not too expensive, and a perfect Friday lunch place.


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