Cooking Class – Laguna Culinary Arts

Took a wonderful ‘Sauce for Meat’ class last night at Laguna Culinary Arts (right before the Sawdust Festival entrance), from a charming chef Maurice Brazier (yes he is French) – who is the chef at White House Catering, which serves at the Nixon Library, among other locations. 

In two hours, we made (from left to right in the photo):

Mushroom Tarragon Cream Sauce with chicken breast

Coffee Bean Madeira Sauce over seared pork loin

Beer Onion Sauce with beef tenderloin

Peach sauce with filet mignon (also good with duck, according to Chef)

The class was easy to follow, a lot of fun, and I learned that what seems complex can really be simple (a lesson I seem to keep repeating).  These recipes only have 5-6 ingredients, and they all work. 

This class was a birthday present to me from my wonderful staff at work (thanks to all!).  We got to eat it after we cooked it, and I got to enjoy it with a friend too.  I will definitely go back there for more – perhaps to learn more about using herbs and spices, wine tasting, etc.


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