Movie Review: Breaking and Entering

It takes a lot for me to post a movie review, and this weekend I saw Breaking and Entering, a 2006 film (that you probably never heard of) by the late Anthony Minghella (The English Patient, Cold Mountain, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Truly Madly Deeply), that I thought was profound.  The themes of barriers, within ourselves, that we establish to others, and those set up by society and situations, is juxtaposed with the intrusions through the barriers, also that we do within ourselves and are done by others.  This juxtaposition had a rhythm that was almost symphonic to me.  All the relationships are interdependent and systemic to the theme, and no individual in the movie is without significant flaw.  Who is the criminal and who is the victim?  We are constantly asked this question, and in the end, you may feel that tables are turned.  Jude Law stars as Will, a British Architect who is transforming the King’s Cross section of London, and Robyn Wright is his long-term girlfriend (also the mom of an autistic teen).  Will’s office is repeatedly broken into by a wayward Muslim refugee (whose mom is Juliette Binoche), and Will’s resulting actions surprise everyone, including himself.  This is billed as a “thinking person’s” movie, and I found it did challenge me to think beyond the obvious plot points.  I won’t give you a spoiler, but I did find a redemptive feeling at the end.   The box office was so meager, that I know NO ONE I know has seen this – so Netflix it today!


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