Mai Tai Recipe – Party Size

Yes, we have ANOTHER party drink recipe.  There are dozens of Mai Tai recipes available, and we tried them all (well, almost) before creating this one by trial and error (hic!), which went over well:

To make 3 quarts (enough for 20-25 drinks) mix the ingredients below with an equal amount (3 qts) of ice cubes in a dispenser glass jug.  Also serve over ice in drink glasses.  Garnish with lime slice and pineapple wedge (umbrellas, cherries, flowers and straws are optional):

Ingredient (3 qt batch)
Light rum (we used Bacardi)
16 oz
Dark rum (Trader Vic’s)
16 oz
Curacao (orange liqueur) 8 oz
Orgeat (almond syrup) at the liquor store
4 oz
Simple Syrup (make your own – 1/2 sugar and 1/2 water, boiled briefly)
4 oz
Pineapple Juice (Langer’s)
32 oz
Lime Juice (Freshly squeezed makes a diff – 10-12 limes)
6 oz
Orange Juice (no pulp)
16 oz

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