Birthday Dinner at Marrakesh

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The BOB team helped me celebrate my birthday this week with a great dinner at Marrakesh in Costa Mesa.  The interior transports you to another mood, with the fabric tent ceiling, low couches, pillows, music and belly dancing.  The food is great too.  All the “feasts” include Freshly baked bread, Vegetable soup with lentils, tomatoes and garbanzo beans.  The Salads platter has Three Traditional Moroccan Salads: marinated eggplant, tomatoes and cucumbers, spiced carrots.  My favorite course is Bastilla: Filo dough stuffed with chicken, eggs and almonds baked and covered with powdered sugar and cinnamon.  We had entrees ranging from braised lamb to lemon chicken, rabbit, and all of it was really tasty.   Fresh Mint Tea is poured from up high into glass cups and served with homemade Baklava.  We had a great time with the dancer, who was a great sport.  Great place for a group celebration, and I’m really glad the team thought of taking me here!

P.S. Thanks to Taylor for all the great photos!!


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