Pablo’s Cantina Tustin

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The BOB crew (8) went to Pablo’s for lunch and enjoyed chips with 3 kinds of salsa, pozole soup (my fav dish there), carnitas, chicken mole, barbacoa, chile relleno, fajitas, sopes, etc.  Cocktails included Dangerous Margarita (with green chiles), Strawberry Margarita (maybe a tad too sweet) and Sangria (very good).  The Caipirinha was a bit strange – maybe we aren’t used to all fresh fruit!  We thought all the food was very good, and we will come back.

Astonishingly, they didn’t have any Mexican chocolate bread pudding (at 1 pm), so they gave us a flan for free, and we also ordered a Tres Leches cake.  The flan is no threat to Taleo, which we all deem the best we’ve had.

The atmosphere at Pablo’s is great (former Bistro West location in the District), and they profess to cook with all fresh ingredients and authentic Jalisco-style recipes.  The portions are huge, and we each took back to go leftover boxes.


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