Competing LA Food & Wine Festivals

Having enjoyed last year’s LA Times Food & Wine Festival at Paramount Studios, I was looking forward to the 2011 version (The Taste), also being held on Labor Day weekend, like it was last year.  BUT, last year it was one full day, all in one place, and VIP tickets got you much better access for a fair price.  This year’s event will be over 4 days, 9 different events all fragmented in different sites, and each at it’s own separate ticket price.  Going to even 2 events could cost more than VIP tix cost last year.  Sooo I’m not sure I’m going.

I may wait for the First Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine event in mid October, which is being sponsored by American Express, and planned by the people who put on the very classy and successful Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival.  The October event looks more promising (more celebrity chefs; more concentration on a central location), but the full details won’t be released until late summer.  You can sign up to be on their mailing list at the link above.

Of course, there is always the second annual Barbados Food & Wine Festival in November… Hmm…


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