Cafe Maddalena – Dunsmuir

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Thank goodness for Google Maps.  Driving up the 5 Freeway, we ask it where to eat, and it shows us this delightful place in a charming town of 1650 people at the foot of Mt. Shasta (the picture on your Crystal Geyser water bottle).
We even could look at the Cafe Maddalena menu on line.  They had me at “Gruyere Beignets”, Exit 730 took us to this rare find, with a top rate ex-SF chef. We enjoyed the pillowy beignets with roasted marcona almonds and olives, as starters.  Then we enjoyed wild salmon with belgian endive in a lemon caper herb dressing, and Moroccan Chicken with vegetables and couscous and a vibrant harisa, which we were told to blend right in the sauce.
We dined under a gorgeous grape arbor, and one of the locals came over to chat and take our picture.
Given the high quality of everything thus far, we couldn’t resist baked peaches in an almond paste crust, served warm with creme fraiche.
I wish this place was around the corner!


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