Loleta Bakery – Texas Pecan Pie Bars


While visiting Eureka, CA, and the Redwoods, we stopped in the tiny town of Loleta, and found the lovely little Loleta Bakery ( for lunch. We enjoyed half sandwich combos, egg salad and roast beef, the first with great perfect local greens, and the second with a cup of tomato chicken soup. A pot of organic Humboldt Herbals plum oolong tea was a delicious beverage.

We couldn’t resist a couple of “little” (JK) desserts. The Texas Pecan Pie bar was incredible. I practically begged the very nice owner, Jeannie, for the recipe. The original is from a cookbook called “The Pastry Queen” (Rebecca Rather, shown in picture below).

Jeannie makes it slightly differently, with a thin caramely crust bottom AND top. The squares are so big, she cuts the serving into 4 smaller squares, and adds a dollop of whipped cream. I will post the recipe when I get home, but you can find it online if you can’t wait.

Can’t wait to make these at home!



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