Rochioli Vineyards

We first discovered Rochioli on our first trip to wine country, about 6 or 7 years ago. It is a small place with very limited bottling, and to get their “single vineyard” labels is a five year waiting list. We drank a 2005 “River Block” Chard the other night, only because that restaurateur is already on the list. But even the wine they sell to peasants like me is made to very high standards, and from all Russian River grapes.

On our way to Napa from points north, we made a detour to Healdsburg, just to stop in. The 2009 Estate Chardonnay was about to sell out, and the Pinot Noir is one of our faves, so we bought 6 & 6. As we were leaving with our one case, another fan on her way in said, “did you leave any for us!?” Just barely. Sometimes they only bottle a few thousand of each release! But they do release wine all year round.






One Comment on “Rochioli Vineyards”

  1. Jordan Goldberg says:

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