Chocolate Good for the Heart! Again!

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All the news media today are reporting that a big research study has come out in favor of chocolate consumption, again.  Researchers publishing in the British Medical Journal  based on a review of work with over 100,000 people found that chocolate could reduce heart attack risk by 1/3.  The best news?  The more you eat of it, the better it works.

The experts reported that  people who ate the most chocolate could reduce their risk of heart disease by as much as 37 percent, their risk of diabetes by 31 percent and their risk of stroke by 29 percent, compared with those who ate the least chocolate.  Do they know how or why?  Of course not! [That’s what they always say]

Every time one of these reports come out, they quickly add that they are not advocating that people start consuming large quantities.  And, common sense will tell you that you would want to eat the lowest fat, highest cocoa content that you can, to maximize the benefits, and minimize the negatives.

Chocolate companies start shipping when the weather cools down, so get yourself some quality stuff for the cooler season, like Guittard, Dagoba, or Valrhona.



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