It’s Not Nice to Fool Foodie Bloggers!

Like juicy foodie gossip?  ConAgra has been shamed into apologizing for a major gaff in NY.  They invited a bunch of Foodie Bloggers to a little Manhattan restaurant, and told them they’d be dining on gourmet food prepared by celebrity chef George Duran of TLC’s Ultimate Cake-Off.  The invitation also promised food trend insights from industry analyst Phil Lempert.  Instead, they served Marie Callender’s (a ConAgra brand) frozen food, dolled up a bit on the plate to “fool” the foodies.  AND, there was a PR firm lurking, complete with hidden cameras, hoping to catch the diners being pleasantly surprised!  (Remember those Folger’s Coffee commercials?)

Surprise!  The whole thing backfired.  Upon finding out what they were served, most diners were apalled, and complained of the processed, chemical and sodium ridden food!  They took to their computers, and blogged away, very negatively about ConAgra.  The company has apparently issued a wimpy apology.

Read more:

NY Times Article

When the Food Turned Sour (blog)

Food Mayhem (blog) – really quite a story!


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