Whole Foods 365 Products


I was just looking at my pantry the other day, and realizing how many products I have that are Whole Foods 365 Brand. I love Trader Joe’s, but to be candid I think the 365 (everyday) brand at WF is even better. Some are really superior, like Almond Butter (pure almonds), tomato paste in a tube (for incredibly easy reuse), organic eggs, whipped cream cheese, black beans. The Naan, whole wheat or regular, is my new favorite pizza base. The low sodium chicken broth is the best tasting and most versatile I’ve ever found.

Other products are equal to TJ and other brands, like the 365 whole wheat penne, butter, pretzels, morning O’s.

I know Whole Foods is nicknamed Whole Wallet and Whole Paycheck, and I do my part to help them fulfill that reputation by getting sometimes expensive (but really superior) organic chicken, cold cuts, cheeses, and produce. BUT, the 365 brand is actually economical.

That’s my 2 cents (alright, 3.65).








2 Comments on “Whole Foods 365 Products”

  1. Deborah Porter says:

    Do you still make the 365 Organic Morning O’s made with whole grain oats? I was just looking at your products at Whole Foods and was told that this particular product may be discontinued.All of the O’s cereals have the phrase on the front of the box that they are lightly sweetened.The O’s I’m looking for do not have that phrase on the front of the box and ,thusly, the cereal inside is not sweet….which is what I want. Isn’t there anyone,anymore, who just wants unsweetened cereal? Thank you for your consideration and I lookd forward to hearing from you.

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