Los Angeles Food & Wine – NOT Going

Alas, I am not going to the LA Food & Wine Festival this weekend.  Despite repeated phone calls from the VIP contact at AEG  (but with no offer of a discount), and incredible celebrity chefs with great events, I’m not going.

Why?  Here is a sure-fire way to turn me off to a foodie event:  Schedule more than 50 things, in 4 different venues (none near each other), and charge way up there prices.  Make me work to select a few things that are worthwhile, and realize I could wear myself out getting to and fro, and it will cost almost $1000! For a day and half’s worth of foodie experience.

Too much effort required = Not going.

I really loved last year’s LA Times Labor Day event, where VIP access was $125, you could see a few celebrities.  She & Him free concert, get smashed, get full, win prizes, all in one place, all in 3-4 hours!  Give me that kind of food festival anytime.  The LA Times event last month also got too fancy with multiple events in multiple places each individually priced, and that turned me off too.  They ended up discounting 40% at the last minute.  Still didn’t go.

If you go this weekend, please break my heart and tell me what you did, what you ate, etc.!!


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