Whole Foods Holiday Guide

The holidays are approaching, and Whole Foods has put together a very comprehensive Guide for the Holidays, which includes tips on how to cook a turkey, a video on how to carve a turkey, leftovers ideas, vegetarian and vegan ideas, and much more.  They really should start paying me.

Doesn’t Halloween make you start thinking about Thanksgiving though?

CHECK BACK in about 2 weeks, and I will start posting my GOURMET Thanksgiving leftover recipes.  No, we don’t reheat turkey and zap the mashed potatoes at my house.  Recipes will include:

  • Moroccan Turkey Shepherd’s Pie (uses the turkey AND the mashed potatoes)
  • Stuffing stuffed mushrooms (if you make good stuffing, it will be even better baked in a mushroom with a little cheese)
  • Yam ribbon cheesecake with cranberry glaze and pecan garnish (the single best leftover food I’ve ever made!)

Happy Holiday Planning!


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