Food Labels: Can you handle the truth?

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Supermarket shelves are minefields.  Do you carry a flashlight and magnifying glass to read the labels?  Even if you could read the print do you have the time?

Take a look at this excellent article by Eat This, Not That on Supermarket Lies Revealed.

The ones that irked me the most:

  • A “Healthy Choice” entree with 29 grams of sugar!
  • 100% juice that features high-end juice, but only puts in a bit of it (most juices are grape, apple or pear, with other small amounts mixed in)
  • Guacamole that has 2% avocado.
  • “Original” Pizza (Celeste) with no real cheese
  • “Homestyle” popcorn with a “taste of butter” – The taste of the butter is actually the taste of partially hydrogenated soybean oil, adding 18 grams of trans fats – more than seven times what you should safely consume in a day.
  • “Reduced fat” peanut butter that puts in maltodextrin – empty carbs – in place of relatively healthy and more satisfying peanut fat.
  • …. And -drum roll please-… “Lightly Sweetened” with 14 grams of sugar from 5 different sources!

Get out the magnifying glass, and know what you are buying.  Good luck!


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