Fish to Avoid


I love fish, so every time I read something about what fish to eat or not eat, and why, it makes me sadder about our food supply.
Take a look at this article on Fish we should never eat and you may share my concern.

The article details a lot fish we should avoid, from import shrimp and catfish to all Chilean Sea Bass (One of my weaknesses).

The reasons include contamination with antibiotics, chemicals, mercury, or the fish is overfished, in short supply, or close to extinction.

Up to you: it is indeed hard to be really watchful about this. The info came from a nonprofit consumer Watchdog group group Food and Water Watch.



2 Comments on “Fish to Avoid”

  1. Bianca says:

    Patagonian Toothfish aka Chilean Sea Bass is my ultimate weakness ever!!

    Steamed on a bed of spinach and completely covered in whole fresh dill, green onion, cilantro (little bit) and spinach. O.M.G. in heaven! I am currently cooking salmon covered in dill and thyme. The smell is so incredible. But CSB is a heavenly fish. I can’t bear to think that I will never eat it again.

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