BYOB – Doing “Corkage” the Right Way at Restaurants

Today’s e-mail post from Snooth is a great article about BYOB – Bringing Your Own Bottle – to dinner at nice restaurants.  The good advice includes suggestions like:  Bring a decent wine (one that the restaurant might not carry); offer your server or other members of the staff a taste;  come mid-week or Sunday, when the restaurant isn’t giving up a table or revenue on a busy night;  tip well – as if you’d ordered the wine in house.  The writer, Gregory Dal Piaz, claims that if you do everything right, and you are a regular at the place, you might find that corkage fees disappear, special glasses (suited to the wine you brought) appear, and the restaurant’s management takes it in stride.

I would add that it is always a good idea to make friends with restaurant management and staff, including the chef.  I tend to drink my better wines at home, and don’t take advantage of the BYOB tactic, but I know plenty of people who do, so it pays to know how to do it best.


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