Maybe I don’t watch enough commercials on TV, but I’d never heard of a “Yonanas” device until I Googled “Top Gifts for Foodies” and this one came up.  Yonanas is essentially a single purpose blender gadget that makes soft-serve dessert out of frozen fresh fruit.  Favorable reviews say that the texture is ultra creamy and I love the idea that I could make a late night treat that mimics ice cream or frozen yogurt, with no fat or added sugar!

Detractors say that you really must use frozen bananas to get the very creamy texture, but the web site claims you can use any fruit, and they show a “tropical” dessert made from frozen mango and pineapple.  One other naysayer pointed out that as a “single use” appliance, this doesn’t belong in any kitchen, and that we should be able to achieve a similar result with a food processor or blender, BUT I’ve never seen anything resembling soft serve from those appliances.

So, I’m curious, dear readers, does anyone have one of these?  How do you like it?


2 Comments on “Yonanas”

  1. Betsy Cory says:

    Yonanas is great for anybody, but especially for people who love desserts but can’t tolerate gluten or dairy products. My favorite so far is peach melba–peaches and raspberries. But I have many ideas on my list to try; zinfandel with blackberries, for instance. Your guests can watch you make it, which is always fun. The only drawbacks are that it is loud, and the sharp teeth must be cleaned carefully. Otherwise, just rinse it under the faucet. There’s no fat to grease up the machine or the serving bowls.

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