Organic Vodka

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I really don’t know if Organic Vodka is better in general, but I know it is better for me.  Since Vodka is my spirit of choice, I have tried several of the organic vodkas, and I know one thing for sure:   I’m prone to migraine, and drinking is a trigger for that, but I’ve noticed that I am less likely to get a headache if I drink organic.

If you are into the subtle taste distinctions between vodkas, organics can be fun, because they are made from a wide variety of grains (wheat, rye, corn) and without all the chemicals, the subtle impact of the grain comes through a bit. I can definitely recommend Prairie (my favorite), TRU and Square One.  As far as taste goes, I am comparing these to Grey Goose which is top of the line in my opinion.

By the way, if you want to know more about tasting vodka, visit, which has tasting standards, and lots of other good info:

Tasting. There are three senses involved in a tasting of vodka: smell, sight and taste.

  • Smell. Smell the vodka as you briefly swirl it about in your glass. A good vodka will have a creamy, sweet or grainy odor. A bad vodka will smell medicinal or “aggressive,” with a strong odor of ethyl spirits.
  • Sight. Hold the vodka glass up to the light and look at the liquid’s clarity, texture and luminescence. A fine vodka will have a thick and creamy texture when frozen; it may also have a bluish or yellowish tint. One expert Russian taster noted that vodka is valued “not just for clarity, but for a crystalline lustre, an internal energy.”
  • Taste. It all comes down to this. A good vodka should taste soft not hard, creamy not watery, smooth not rough. It should not be bitter or caustic, it should not burn your palate.

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