Cubano Sandwich

The Cuban (or Cubano) sandwich is a staple in sandwich shops in Florida, but last few years, it is appearing on menus at gourmet restaurants and gastropubs.  It is a variation on a ham and cheese, with a couple of controversial options, but when it is done right, it is delicious.

Here’s how I made mine this past weekend:

French loaf, cut into 8″ sections, sliced

Yellow mustard

Roast pork (I got pulled pork from the cooked food counter at Whole Foods) Preheat this if it is coming out of your fridge

Glazed ham (I used proscuitto this time)

Genoa Salami (this is the optional controversial ingredient – some places use it, some don’t)

Sliced dill pickles

Swiss cheese


Spread yellow (not deli or dijon) mustard on both sides of bread.  Layer:  swiss cheese, roast pork, pickles, ham, salami, more swiss cheese, top of bread.  Press in a panini press and cook until the cheese melts and the bread is crisp.  I don’t have a panini maker, so I used a large fry pan, with a metal lid weighted down with a full tea kettle.  Improvise!

Serve with potato chips and some kind of salad or cole slaw.


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