Macaroni & Cheese – 5 Top Recipes

What’s Cookin writer Kate Statton sent an article today on the TOP 5 Macaroni and Cheese recipes, and they are all winners. If you like Kraft boxed Mac N’Cheese, please stop reading now. But, if you are willing to grate fine cheeses, make a roux, and do it right, these are some fine looking recipes. What’s Cookin is the food page of, the wine people, and they know food as well as wine! I’ve provided links to the original location of each recipe (just click on the name of the dish).

I like to jazz up my gourmet Mac N Cheese with bacon and mushrooms, but of all of these, I can’t pick which one I’d like best. Probably the Baked Penne with Leeks or the Orecchiette with Ham will be the first ones I’d make.

Happy melting!

Classic Macaroni & Cheese

A traditional take on the dish, this recipe is an oldie but a goody. Simple sharp Cheddar is kicked up with just a bit of nutmeg, onion, bay leaf and thyme for a perfect flavor profile. (

Mac and Texas Cheeses with Roasted Chiles

Goat cheese, Parmesan and Monterey Jack are combined with some poblano chiles in this spicier variation of the dish. (

Orecchiette with Ham and Peas in Cheese Sauce

Ear-shaped orecchiette, this dish just screams decadence. With added texture and taste from chopped ham and peas, (

Cheesemonger Mac & Cheese

A cheese-lover’s dream. Classic Cheddar is joined by Gruyere and Brie for a gooey, cheesy pasta fantasy. (Bon Appetit, now shown on

Baked Penne with Farmhouse Cheddar and Leeks

Sweet sautéed leaks are countered by extra-sharp Cheddar and some Dijon mustard in this take on the classic. With added egg mixed into the cheese sauce, this dish is extra hearty and creamy, with a bit of added protein! (Bon Appetit, now shown on


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