Andrei’s New Desserts


Even though I dine at Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine in Irvine more than any other restaurant, I don’t write about it much, and I should. They always treat me like royalty there, the food is great, and I just have good Karma with the chefs and the place.

Andrei’s changes it’s menu offerings regularly, often to keep pace with what’s in season, because they strive for the farm to table concept. Their high quality local produce and proteins are delivered frequently in small quantities and very little is stored. What you eat is fresh!

Pastry chef Elyssa Fournier makes delicious desserts. I especially appreciate her use of high quality products, like Guittard chocolate, her light and balanced hand with sugar, and her willingness to pair competing tastes, like tart and sweet. Last season she did the sublime chocolate cheesecake, and this season there is the Chocolate Tasting.

The chocolate tasting includes really rich chocolate Pot de Creme with Creme Fraiche – and I love this combination- topped with chocolate shavings, plus Chocolate Saucisson (like a chocolate sausage), Caramel Mou (gourmet tootsie roll!), and a Chocolate Espresso Cookie. When we had this last week, even the thin one who eats salad rolled her eyes at this stuff!

They have also brought back the goat cheese cheesecake, and they have a fruit tart of the week. There is a creme brulee pair, this season with cinnamon and coffee creme brulee with almond biscotti, and also some new ice cream flavors.

Save room for dessert at Andrei’s and you will leave satisfied.


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