The Beach House Poipu


I think I’ve come to the Beach House on just about every trip to Kauai. It has the absolute perfect sunset view over the water, the food is very good, and the service is excellent.

Tonight we started with a Coconut Mojito and a Mango Mama (like a Lava Flow, but with mango).


For our first course, we had an asparagus salad with local tomatoes, very thin spirals of cucumber, in a balsamic vinaigrette, with goat cheese alongside, and, Ahi poke served in a crispy wonton boat with Asian slaw and aioli. Surprisingly, the ahi was cooked, but still very tasty.



For our entrees, we enjoyed Swordfish with bok choy and shiitake mushrooms in a miso glaze, and Hapu in a wasabi coating, with rice and green beans. Both were delicious. So many people love their seared scallops, they offer them as an add-on side entree at 2 jumbo scallops for $9. We took advantage of this, and the scallops were superb.

Our side dish of Brussels sprouts was having an off night. The expected balsamic reduction sauce was more of a watery broth. Upon commenting, not really even complaining, our server promptly and cheerfully offered complimentary dessert.

Having seen a good looking carrot cake walk by, we ordered that, which was made “Hawaiian style”; less spiciness, more fruity, and with macadamia nuts on the cream cheese.

All in all, we were happy, our server Tonya was cheery and gracious, and by the way, the sunset was beautiful!




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