Spring Superfoods

It is salad time!  So if you want to make your spring salad SUPER healthy, Eat This, Not That (Rodale Press) has a good article this week on “Superfoods” – foods that make us healthy in multiple ways.



Here is their list:

Asparagus:  Lots of Vitamin K, some Vitamin A, moves calcium to your bones, wards off hangovers!

Fava Beans: Lots of protein, lowers your cholesterol, stimulates you sexually!

Lettuce:  Except for iceberg, and especially when fresh, local and dark, packed with antioxidants.

Scallions: Antioxidant, antihistamine, lowers your blood pressure.

Spinach:  All unpronounceable, but good: Vitamin C & K, betaine, lutein.  Good for your eyes, energy, and exercise performance.

Radishes:  (My wife loves these). Vitamins, and eaten with broccoli, helps fight cancer!  Leaves are ultra-healthy too.

Arugula:  The peppery flavor keeps you interested enough to eat the rest of the salad <JK>.  Full of magnesium.

Peas:  Vitamin C, and B1, which boosts mood and wards off depression.  (I love pea shoots in salad)

Artichokes:  Good for digestion, make other foods taste better.

So stock your spring salads full of super foods, and enjoy the health benefits and the taste.


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