Eat Green for Earth Day

When Earth Day was first established 42 years ago, the main purpose was to increase our consciousness about the value and wonder or our planet.  This year, Earth Day is celebrated on Sunday, 4/22, and the theme is “Mobilize the Earth.”  Many people will participate in environmental awareness activities, including recycling, legislative focus, and Acts of Green.

One of the least noticeable (but easiest to do) Earth Day activities is EATING GREEN.

Alexandra Oppenheimer, MS, RD, on this blog, suggests the following 5 easy steps:

  1. Eat more local food in season.
  2. Try to choose organic produce, or at least organic produce on the Dirty Dozen list.
  3. Purchase foods with less packaging.
  4. Choose more plant foods and less meat.
  5. Find ways to use less energy while cooking.

The Nature Conservancy is promoting Picnic for the Planet.

Psychology Today magazine has an article with 9 Tips for Mindful Eating.

Katherine Martinelli on offers more tips for Eating Green on Earth Day.

And if you really want to indulge, at least make it Earth Day Cookies from TidyMom.


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