Artisan McMuffins

What do you do when a Pastry Chef gives you just-baked artisan English muffins?  You create something worthy of such a gift.  Something that will be respectful of the baked good, and let it stand out, yet builds upon it, lofting it to even higher levels.

OK, on with it:  I made Mark McMuffins, a variant on Mark McBagels (previously described).

To make 4 muffin halves:  I’d like to say this served two, but uh-uh, Susi wasn’t home; the muffins were smaller than store-bought; and I ate ‘em both folks!  (We had a couple more muffins for Susi to enjoy for the next day).

I very lightly toasted the English muffins, really just to warm them from their overnight stay in the fridge, then lightly buttered them.  Add one half slice of Canadian bacon.

I pan fried two eggs just until the whites were set.  I broke the yolks in the pan, but move the eggs around enough so they didn’t quite cook through.  You could also do this with soft scrambled eggs or poached eggs.

I placed approximately one half an egg on each muffin, then topped with a half slice of muenster cheese, and baked at 400 for about 5 minutes.  Note: if you would like tomato in this, put them under the eggs; I usually do, just didn’t this time.

During the last minute of cooking, I put a slice of avocado on each piece.  When it was done, I applied cracked black pepper (no need for salt – there is enough in the bacon and cheese).  Notice how the muenster has just started to caramelize!  This is ideal. The fresh muffins were delicious, and I now pronounce this dish superior to a Mark McBagel!

(Many thanks to Elyssa of Andrei’s for the inspiration!)


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