Foodie to Fittie

Can a foodie be a “fittie” too?  YES.  I know many people who truly enjoy good eats while keeping really fit too.

My mission:  To continue to have an appreciation and enjoyment of fine dining, while making a substantial move to lose weight and become fit.

The plan:

  • Minimal consumption of sugar.
  • Minimal consumption of refined carbs or “white” carbs (only eat whole grains and complex carbs).
  • Minimal consumption of dairy or animal fats (fortunately I really do love Olive Oil).  OK, maybe a little bacon!
  • Lower sodium intake.
  • EXERCISE!!!  I actually had almost forgotten how much I really enjoy exercise.  I’m lucky enough to get the “runner’s high” at relatively low heart rate levels, and love the way I feel both during and after a good workout.  Tomorrow I rejoin the gym.

I will prioritize.

Generally much more fish and lean proteins.

If I want beef or other higher calorie protein instead of fish or white meat poultry, I will have to watch other items in the meal more carefully.

I will revel in the world of fresh and minimally cooked vegetables and fruits.  A dash of oil, a sprinkle of lemon, some seasoning.  I take the attitude that vegetables are friends – they are there to keep me healthy.

I can live without restaurant bread.  And butter.  And potatoes, white rice, orzo, etc.  All restaurants can easily sub in extra veggies, and they are usually even better than what came with the dish in the first place.

Berries and yogurt are healthy AND delicious!  Baked dessert will be a valued and rare treat.  And counterbalanced by more exercise, or fewer calories in some other meal.

I want back the great body and fitness level I had in my 20’s and 30’s (but NOT the hair!).

I am not going to abandon being a foodie, but I am very committed to being a fittie too!

(Thanks for listening!)


One Comment on “Foodie to Fittie”

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