Bouchon Las Vegas

We just came back from a great weekend in Las Vegas.  We ate some really spectacular food, and I’ll be posting a few highlights as soon as I can.

Our first stop was Bouchon Bistro.  We arrived around 9:30 on a Thursday night and the place was hopping.  There were several all-women tables, which I surmised might be pre-wedding dinners.  Everyone looked happy!

Susi had already eaten at a business dinner, so she hunted for the oldest dated heritage cocktail on the menu, and went for a Sazerac, which dates back to 1850.  It is a rye whiskey and bitters drink, served neat in a chilled glass.  Susi loved it.

I had two courses.  I started with Salade de Cresson et d’’Endives – watercress, endive, Roquefort, & walnuts with walnut vinaigrette.  The presentation was gorgeous, with a Jenga-like stack of endive leaves, each had been painstakingly garnished with Roquefort and walnuts.  I ate it with my fingers, leaf by leaf!

For my second course, I had a plate that is actually another appetizer: Beignets de Brandade de Morue – cod brandade with garden tomato confit & fried sage.  These are essentially cod mousse fritters.  I asked the waiter if many people order it, and he said it is always on the menu, because the restaurant considers it an example of classic French Bistro food, but it isn’t ordered that much.  People, you don’t know what you are missing!  This was exquisite.  Not at all greasy, even though it is deep fried.  The batter crust was delicious, and the fish filling was light, fluffy and delightful.  The tomato confit was dense and rich in flavor.

Bouchon is a Thomas Keller restaurant (of French Laundry fame), and it lives up to his ideals of the highest quality food.  There are nice Bistro touches, like warm crusty bread placed right on the paper table topper, and French butter.

Definitely will be on my list next time we are in Vegas, and if we go to NorCal, we’ll go to the one in Yountville too.


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