Susi Cooks!


While your blogger has been away in London, Susi has been whipping up some lovely meals at home. Tonight it was pork tenderloin with roasted fennel and sauteed shredded brussel sprouts. The tenderloin was marinated, courtesy of Trader Joes, in a peppercorn and coriander spice mixture (next time Susi will buy the plain tenderloin and will replicate the marinade herself because she found it too salty), seared in a hot skillet and transferred to a 375 degree oven, sealed in foil, where it roasted until the meat thermometer reached 160 degrees (too done; next time 150). Meanwhile the fennel was roasting in the oven (quartered with olive oil, pepper and salt). While the fennel and pork roast in the oven, add more oil to the pan where the pork was seared and add shredded brussel sprouts (Trader Joes did the shredding). After the sprouts brighten, deglaze with balsamic vinegar, saute a little longer, then add water and cover, cooking for five to ten minutes longer.

The perfect drink to accompany: Susi’s “cukojito:” Muddle fresh basil (bushy plants were only 2.99 at TJ’s!) and lime in a glass with ice, add Hendrick’s gin and splenda (or simple syrup if you are not avoiding sugar) and garnish with cucumber sprigs.


Now, why can’t Susi cook like this when I am at home?


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