Buzz and Brain Freeze


I’m sure RA Sushi won’t mind if I quote them directly today.

RA Sushi has taken frozen cocktails to the next level by introducing the Fuzzy Momo Bellini and the Red Bull Cherry Bomb, available now for $8 each.

Cool down with the Fuzzy Momo Bellini, our take on a famous Italian cocktail. It’s an icy blend of sparkling and white wines, Cruzan Rum, yuzu, peach and strawberry purée. It’s guaranteed to make you incredibly sophisticated, utterly intriguing and wildly attractive – particularly to those enjoying one with you.

Next up is our Red Bull Cherry Bomb. Warning: this is not your typical Red Bull and Vodka. We mix a generous helping of Three Olives Cherry Vodka, TY KU Soju, Red Bull, orange juice, and a splash of Monin Cherry.

Now, swim on in and try one (or both!) of these delicious icy treats.


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