Annoying Cocktail Trends

Have you had cotton candy dissolved in your martini?  Marshmallow flavored vodka?  Drinks with so many ingredients you want another drink before the Mixologist has made your first one?

Somehow I have the patience for trendy food, but not so much patience for trendy booze.  Give me a bartender rather than a mixologist, and a cocktail with no more than 4 ingredients, served in a glass I can hold comfortably.  Not a mason jar!  Unless I’m drinking sweet tea in the southeastern US. 🙂  And get me my drink now!  Don’t like waiting 10-15 minutes and paying $18 for a drink with well brands.

LOVED this article on Zagat about the 10 most annoying cocktail trends.  If you are younger than 35, you probably disagree with me!  That’s fine.  I’ll drink to that!


One Comment on “Annoying Cocktail Trends”

  1. wine storage says:

    I agree, And stuff like this whipped cream that is alcoholic? Really? There is a market for that? Wow.

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