Foam Art


Foam art – the ultimate way to recycle a styrofoam food container. You would need the really thick printmaking ink and a roller, and something to weight down the print.



Living in a Storage Container




Does the “simplification” movement appeal to you? Could you live with less, or in much less space? As tract builders are eliminating family rooms and turning living rooms into multipurpose great rooms, to squeeze more livability into smaller space, this month’s Sunset magazine shows how to live in 200 square feet! My readers may not know I was formerly an Architect, so the notion of creative use of space is always intriguing to me. So, could you live in a converted Storage Container?

Seattle based HybridArchitecture thinks we can. For $60-80,000,they can provide a converted storage container with all the comforts of…. A very small room! See I must say the 14 sq. Ft. Bathroom seems daunting. They’ve sold a few, and the idea may catch on for people who want to get into home ownership on the cheap. Of course you have to have somewhere to put it. I wonder whether some of the “grandma” lots might have room in the backyards.