Friday Inspiration – 26 Acts of Kindness

26 acts

After the sadness we’ve experienced from the Newton tragedy, there is a big ray of sunshine.  A movement has sprung up called 26 Acts (hashtag #26Acts), encouraging people to actively engage in Random Acts of Kindness to remember those lost in Newton.

This has already gone viral, with the Facebook Page having 41000 likes.  Here are some resources:

Facebook 26 Acts


Twitter (search hashtag #26Acts)

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

It’s easy:  Overtip.  Hold doors open.  Serve in a soup kitchen.  Make an extra donation.  Call someone who lives alone.  Write a note to someone who made a difference in your life.  Smile at people in stores.  Leave a dollar on the snack machine at a hospital.

Imagine if we all did 26 Random Acts of Kindness between now and New Year’s Day.  What incredible energy to send out into the universe.  We sure need it.

Happy Holidays!